Fundraising at 4th Brightlingsea - as with any organisation nowadays it is a very big necessity. We are well aware that there are many demands on your money but hope that whilst your son/daughter is with us you will support our cause and help when available……!
We currently have 5 Fundraising avenues:
Gift Aid - The group is able to claim back from the government the income tax that you have paid on any amount you pay to the Group. So at the present time, for every £1 you pay to the Group in the form of subscriptions, the Group can claim back 28.2p. So the £1 becomes £1.282 towards the Group funds. And it has not cost you or the Group anything. More info and a form can be found at the back of this pack.
Colchester Stanway Scout Shop  -  When you need to purchase your Son/Daughter any Uniform, Camping Equipment, please purchase from your nearest Scout Shop. 10% of all products purchased goes towards our Group. Just let them know when you buy which Group you are supporting, and we receive a very nice Credit Note Yearly which is offset against any badges, Woggles, paperwork, extras we purchase.
Boating lake  -  This is owned by the council but run by members and parents of the group and volunteers and involves supervising / manning the boating lake for an afternoon. It is not as much hard work as it looks; In fact it can be a great fun day. Helpers permitting on a good year, we can raise well over £1000, and sometimes we have even raised as much as £2,000. CLICK HERE FOR BOATING PAGE
Christmas Post - Againis run by Volunteers / members / family of the group. This involves putting out post boxes around the town, collecting the post from the boxes over the weeks before Christmas, stamping and sorting them and then hand delivering them, around the town.  This community service is very satisfying and a good fundraising event each year.
Our latest fundraising initiative which everyone can join and doesn’t effect you in any way and is done when you are shopping at home on line is called “Give as you live”.  Please click on either link or go to the FORMS page for more information.
The 4th Brightlingsea Classic Car Show& Fun Day –Is a relatively new event again run by the group and volunteers which requires a lot of hard work and organisation. This event, on a smaller scale was first staged in 2003, and then driven by the need to raise a large amount of money for essential repairs to the hut, revived by an idea and initial hard work of a parent (and then committee member) in 2010. CLICK HERE FOR CAR SHOW PAGE
Since the initial idea the event has grown and grown and proved a fabulous success raising a good sum of money each year. It now runs yearly and has raised enough money,along with a council grant, to totally refurbish our Kitchen (completed December 2011), provide better disabled access with a ramp and rails and also install new entrance doors.  Not only does this event raise money, but it also raises the town’s awareness of 4th Brightlingsea Scout Group and other organisations, it really is a fun day out for ALL the family. Remember Every Little Helps …......
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