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4th Brightlingsea Scout Group

4th Brightlingsea Scout Group 2015

                 EST 1946


Ian (Akela) - I have been a leader for well over 15 years.  I started in this pack as an 8 year old and went to scouts and ventures.  I carried on in the group as a leader then left to go to Uni and returned when the leader was leaving.  It was supposed to be for 6 months till someone was found but 8+ years later………I’m not an arts & crafts person but prefer the games, camping and practical parts to scouting.  Both of my children have been cubs in my pack and my wife now helps as well….so she can see me she says……!!!

Donna (Shere Khan) - Donna joined the group as a treasurer when I first took over as leader.  She then volunteered to help me out on a Wednesday and has been there ever since dragging her son along too (from 8 to 19). Her specialist skills are growling when the cubs misbehave, actively getting involved with demonstrations, with several accidents along the way, most notably trying to do high jump during athletes badge.  She has still to put up her own tent at cub camp.

Barry (Beer Grills) on the left and Mark (Chil) on the right.  Barry like me has been involved in scouting for ages.  He carried on after I left for uni and stopped when I took over, coming back into it when his son started.  He got the beer grill name as he is for ever coming up with gadgets of all types and ideas involving scouting.  Always first up at cub camp after little sleep.  Mark started when he came down to the scout hut to see if his son could join…….and you could say we kept hold of him ever since.  Unfortunately he changed jobs which means he works away now so can’t make cub nights but is our main chef on camps and sleep overs.  Not to be talked to when he just gets up at any camp or sleep over after little sleep.

Lance (Flunkey) & Sally (Jacala), our second husband and wife team.  Both started helping when their children joined the pack.  As newbies to the cub leader team Lance wants to get everything done NOW.  He is very very keen to do things and learn new skills.  Sally edged Lisa out of the kitchen and now has her hot drinks list for anyone who walks into the hall, and I mean anyone.  Specialist skills for Lance it has to be being keen and liking a laugh and joke.  For Sally it has to be talking……..The whole family are keen expert sailors.

Matt - (RTT or Rikki Tikki Tavi) - Another newbie who starting helping out when his daughter joined and when asked if he wanted to help permanently jumped at the chance.  Matt is quiet but he has that wicked sense of dry humour and adventure, always up for a laugh.  He was most put out when he couldn’t look after the fire at cub camp.  Always willing to help with whatever needs doing.  Also helps out at Brightlingsea Regent FC. Not the best picture of him…………

Becky (Flaps) - Our last newbie.  Becky helps out with a girls brigade group in Clacton and before becoming a leader has helped on our Classic Car Show and Funday for several years.  She really enjoys her Wednesday nights but the best bits for her are sleep over and of course cub camp.  Becky is one of the lads and gets stuck in.  Always willing to help but not keen on doing the talking in front bit.  An intricate part of the female leader team.  Specialist skills are sports, but hurt her toe playing kick rounders.

Last but not least Lisa (Mrs Akela).  Her cub name comes from being my (akelas) long suffering wife.  She starting helping out by making drinks for the adults and cubs on a pack night and helping with the home help badge.  Her role then grew to helping when a leader couldn’t make a night and when Sally edged her out of the kitchen she now looks after Barry’s six when he is at work.  Not keen in being out on the floor or doing games she is found in the kitchen  with Sally and Donna keeping an eye out on cub behaviour from the doorway.  Special skills are home help badge, badges / activities that require food and of course making home made cakes for cub camp and or fun day.

These lot make up our fantastic Spartan Cub Scout Leader Team